I can honestly say that it is FAR more comfortable being in an ice chamber at -58C wearing four pairs of trousers, two pairs of socks, one and a half pairs of gloves, goggles, insulated snow boots, two sets of thermal hats, an ear buff, three tops and one of the thickest down jackets available to man, than it is wearing the above at room temperature. It was a godsend just to get in the freezer.

That’s not to say it didn’t get a little chilly. Particularly with the hand with only one glove (I had to test out the Panasonic video camera which required a minimum level of dexterity).

Tris and I went in together, joining Ian inside, who has been there for the best part of the whole day. I think he’s getting on fine, but probably a tad bored. Not much to do in there. Having said that Tris was charged with the onerous task of folding and unfolding the solar panels which he managed with consummate ease.

In there for around an hour, half of which was in complete darkness. I suppose the strangest sensation is the feeling of cold as you breathe in, and the way your eye lashes get frosty within minutes. All in all a pretty awesome experience, I would recommend it to anyone, except my mother, Tris’s nan, and Harriet Cunningham.

We will upload a video link from inside the chamber once we’re back at HQ next week.