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As you may be aware The Coldest Journey Expedition has unfortunately had to halt its aim of crossing Antarctica during winter.
This has been down to a number of factors from vast stretches of complex crevasse fields, to burning more fuel than expected, to many other technical difficulties. Progress has been slow and the risk has become such where it would be far too dangerous to continue south.

As a result, the Ice Team are in all likelihood going to have to live out the rest of the Antarctic winter where they are currently camped, before they can set off back to the coast for recovery from the ice later in the year.

There is however good news!
During this time the Ice Team will be able to focus their efforts on tasked scientific studies and importantly for you; the education initiative.
This is a very rare opportunity to gather data during the Antarctic winter at high altitude, 300km from the coast. A world first.

Alongside this, the Expedition still aims to raise funds and awareness for the chosen charity ‘Seeing is Believing’. If your school would like to play a part in helping us with this goal, please get in touch.

Please see the July 2013 newsletter giving a brief update for your school. Over the next coming weeks we shall release further resources exclusively for education subscribers; from newsletters, exclusive photos, exclusive video content, to questions & answers direct with the Ice Team.

Do your pupils have a burning question they would like to ask the Ice Team?
What do they eat? Where do they sleep? What is a crevasse?
Email us with:
The question
The name of your school
The name & age of the pupil asking the question.

Every week we will get the Ice Team to answer your questions, which will be posted in the following newsletter. There may even be a video to accompany the response on occasion.

We hope you look forward to the updates, we have a lot in store for you over the coming weeks/months ahead.

Best wishes

The Education Team
The Coldest Journey