The Cat tent was packed away yesterday following which both vehicles were warmed and started. The two scoots that had been left 150m away have now been brought to camp and the local snow drifts have been groomed to allow extraction and movement of the camp.

The plan for today is to start GPR work on the route back out of this area. There is likely to be route preparation work before the team are able to start moving loads so slow progress is expected.

Once preparations have been made, the plan is to move the cabooses and fuel scoots 5km north where they will consolidate with the remaining six fuel scoots and have the Ice Train finally united after weeks of hard struggle.


Key stats (as of 0600 GMT):

Current position: S72 54′ 16.4″     E023 35′ 16.7″

Altitude: 2824m

Temperature: -44C

Wind speed: 27 knots

Distance travelled yesterday – zero