Brian - warm sunby Brian Newham.

Today, for the first time in many months, we felt some warmth from the sun. Standing in the caboose doorway, sheltered from the relentless wind, there was a very definite warmth on the face. An extremely pleasant feeling.

It’s amazing to think that less than a month ago the sun rose for the first time and yet now we already have 8hrs 41mins of sun-up. The transition is rapid and spectacular but until now the height of the sun above the horizon has been too low for us to gain any warmth. The low angle has meant that the sunlight is passing through a very thick layer of atmosphere so the heat just never reaches us. Now, at last, it is starting to get above the critical angle and we are ready to soak it up. Last night’s low was down at -47C but it climbed today to -45C so we are heading in the right direction. This day/night variation is what we have been waiting for and it’s a sign that things are changing and we will soon be able to start digging out the Cats, although shorts and t-shirts may take a little longer.