We have been waiting all day for the ice to drift slowly out of the bay. It has been clearing well but some still remains in the head of the bay. This evening the Belgians arrived and we established contact on the VHF radio. They are already clearing a site with their vehicles so that we have a level base for depositing cargo as it is unloaded. The plan is to try and bring the ship alongside the ice shelf at 8am tomorrow (sea ice permitting) and unloading can begin. The ice shelf is reported to be just 4 meters high at the berth. This is about the same level as our main deck, which is perfect. At present we are lying off a mile or two in wait for the morning.

It has been a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and only a light breeze. It will be good to forge on in the morning with our unloading programme. But now it’s getting late and we need our strengths for tomorrow.


by Anton Bowring