Spencer at Work - by Brian Newham

Spencer at Work – by Brian Newham

For the eagle-eyed among you, you will have noticed from the Live Map that the Ice Train has not moved very much the last couple of days – indeed, it has not moved since covering five kilometres yesterday morning. This is due to the fact that unscheduled maintenance work has had to be carried out to one of the Cats. It is very frustrating since the weather has been perfect for travel the last two days, but thankfully the problem has been identified and fully rectified. Weather permitting, the Ice Team will be back on the road tomorrow and making good progress once again.

Whilst Spencer and Richmond worked hard on getting the problem fixed the others have used the time well getting on with the science programme and general maintenance.

Current position: S71 43′ 58.8″  E023 34′ 46.9″

Altitude: 1176m

Temperature: -25C

Wind speed: 5 knots